Just a small-town girl from Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)!  Right!?! Where is that (**giggles**)?  North of North Dakota and Montana!  I always knew, as a young girl, that there was so much more world out there!!  So much more to see and experience! I’m the girl who would speak up for the “little guy”, stand against the naysayers and go after what I want!  I always saw the potential in others… even as a teenager, I was often the person people would confide in because I would never judge and intentionally spoke into their dream!  At the time, I had NO IDEA I would take that on full time as my passion!

Disruptor Adventure beginsBUT PLEASE BELIEVE, it was NOT that smooth of a transition, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to be, not knowing that a far more powerful question is, “WHO do I want to be?”. So needless to say, I did what most kids do… I went to college, studied in business, majored in finance.  Got my degree, then found my way to Los Angeles through a random talent call over the radio. (**Giggle here**). Really though, that lead me to auditioning to get into a theater academy, where I was accepted.  Which lead me to the Miss California Pageant (don’t even ask, I’m definitely giggling to myself), which lead me to my first business in nutrition and fitness!.

"I've always believed that everyone has the capability to be, do and have, whatever they choose to be do and have!  Now it's my passion and purpose to create access for others to do just that!Through community, mindset, direction, strategic tools, methods, step by step blue prints and more!!! We are so excited to provide you with many of these tools to help you create the life and business you love!".

I have had So many people ask me, “why did you choose the word Disruptor… it sounds so aggressive”. Well… it is! It had to be a word that could represent an instant shift rather than a gradual move! Something immediate, something with a sense of urgency!! When I think about how bad I needed to see revenue, how limited I was in time and how HUNGRY I was for change! I had to DISRUPT the life, the mindset, the bank account, the actions and the habits that were keeping me STUCK where I was!! I needed something that could create an instant shift in my mindset, something immediate and with a sense of urgency!! If you’re reading this, it’s because you can relate!!

Have you ever felt like there just WERE’NT enough hours in a day? Not enough money in the bank? Or feeling stuck? Then DISRUPT IT!! That is EXACTLY the reason I created the Disruptor Elite Group; for people who KNOW they want and DESERVE more; but need direction, tools, strategy, support, motivation and inspiration. I’ve learned not only how to succeed, but to THRIVE in even the toughest of times! I’ve failed more times than I can count, but because of that, you don’t have to take the same downfalls I’ve taken! This can be a direct way for you to change your life starting with just one hour a day!Disruptor Journey through the unknown

So, if you feel like there’s just not enough time, we’ve got you! Been there! If you feel like there’s just not enough money… BEEN there!!  I was the girl who was scrounging up change to put gas in my car! I know the humiliation of putting $3.00 on pump 5! The girl who would go to eat with friends but pretend like I wasn’t hungry; eat the bread at the table and drink a ton of water!! I know what it’s like to get the “3 days to pay or quit” notice and pay my rent late EVERY month!! But; I also KNEW, I couldn’t continue living like that, I wouldn’t!! I wouldn’t allow that to be my life!! So around school, life and work I started working on my business!

Now I’m excited to give it ALL away! We will definitely be sharing a ton of good stuff through our email subscription; but, for those who want to dive deeper, take their business to the next level and experience more growth, the Disruptor Elite Membership is where you’ll want to be!! 

Welcome to the family, we are so honored to have you here! Excited to witness your growth and experience your journey!! Time to Disrupt!! 


If you've ever felt overwhelmed by all the duties, obligations and responsibilities that weigh your ENTIRE day down, then you're in the right place! Hey, my name is Sarah Fontenot, and I am a multifaceted, entrepreneurial woman who just wanted to optimize my time and maximize my day. Just like YOU!.


What I learned is, Everything happens for a reason!  All of those wrong turns… I needed them to appreciate and understand the right ones!  To help me build endurance, resilience, persistence and consistency!!  NOW, I’ve been building my business for 7 years!! And in my fifth year I was able to GET SERIOUS!!!  Lock in, lock down, get to work and grow my business from a quarter of a MILLION dollars a year to over a MILLION dollars a year in just six months! It took WORK!! And definitely more than 1 hour a day, but we all have to start somewhere!!