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I'm Sarah, founder of Disruptor Elite Group. I Love all things music, art and changing my hair :). I also have more than 10 years of experience in business… in failure… in lessons… and my biggest lesson is that we need EVERY one of our lessons!!   I am a multifaceted, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who is crazy enough to believe we can truly be, do, and have, whatever we choose to be, do and have! My biggest mission is to help STUCK entrepreneurs tap in to their potential, get out of their own way, in to action and create the life and business they love!  In short, I am here to serve.

Now here’s what you will learn about me, if you’re new with me: my disclaimer; I will never be perfect, have all the correct sophisticated words or perfect spelling… oh Lord, practically ever with the spelling....  At times, I’m overly passionate and can come on pretty strong, goofy, off or “unique” as my mother would call it.  But my promise to you is to be REAL, to share timeless wisdom, to always do my best… even if my “best” sucks on that day.  I make mistakes, I do NOT have all the answers, I am NOT the overnight success, I move bold (at times in the worng direction), I still battle with doubts and fears just like EVERY other human being, BUT I also promise that even with those, I will be open to the pivots and in the trenches of life WITH you!

I created this online business course two years ago to empower aspiring and/or STUCK entrepreneurs.  Those who feel like theres not enough time in the day or money in the bank; those who are clouded with paralyzing fears and doubts, because that used to me!!  Through this course, I aim to provide entrepreneurs access to the resources they need to finally get out of their own way, create an authentically happy life and make more money.

It took me 3 years to break my first six figure revenue and then 2 more years to break 7 figures – mostly at the end of the two years going from $250,000 to 1,000,000 in 6 months... Now, 10 years in and I’ve gone on to launch a mindset motivation t shirt line, speak all over the world, premium ticket 1:1 coaching, investing and philanthropy.  I have learned SOOOOO much along the way (and I’m still learning ☺… it’s a forever thing.) 

Call me crazy, but for me, it doesn’t matter how much money you make if your home life is miserable… And how can you be happy at home when you’re constantly stressed out and bogged down by financial challenges? We live in a society where people say it’s either this or that… And I strongly disagree! It’s both, and. You can have both a successful and thriving business and an authentically happy life! Those are the tools we cover inside of this course.

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I am just a small-town girl from Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)! Right!?! Where is that? (**insert giggles**) North of North Dakota and Montana! I always knew, as a young girl, that there was so much more in the world out there!! So much more to see and experience! But I’m also the girl Who thought success meant Actor, lawyer, doctor or engineer. I knew that I wanted to be something great, But I wasn’t so sure I fit the “success” mold!

So, at first, I thought, I could be a lawyer… I have always spoke up for the “little guy,” and never had a problem standing up against the naysayers. But upon my teenage research… I saw the requirements of becoming a lawyer and immediately opted out. I knew I couldn’t be a doctor, blood makes me queasy and my mom is an engineer… I wanted something different… so what now? How could I possibly achieve success…? Clearly by the time we are 18 we are supposed to have it allllllll figured out, right… and according to that (SUPER LIE) I was BEHIND!!

What was I good at? Well, I always saw the potential in others. Even as a teenager, I was often the person people would confide in because I would never judge and tried to encourage as best I knew how… At the time, I had no idea I would take a much DEEPER DIVE into that realm and it would become my full time passion!

However, it was NOT that smooth of a transition. I spent YEARS trying to figure out WHAT I wanted to be, not knowing that a far more powerful question is, “WHO do I want to be?”

My dear friend, YOU have been DUPED!!

You're probably like, "Pardon ME?!" (I'm Canadian and that's what we say.)  But let me tell you what I mean...

Sarah Nature

Remember back when you were younger and many of the adults around you would ask, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" 

Well, that's the TRAP most of us fall in to!  And we, often times, SUBCONSCIOUSLY perpetuate It generation after generation.

How?  Because we adapt to a culture that says, get a "good job", make "good money" and somehow, deep down,  we decide that money EQUALS success... Now it's certainly APART of it, but certainly NOT all of It. Somehow, we tend to NEGLECT mental wellness!

It's all good and great to have dreams and ambition... but "WHAT" you do is connected to achievement, and that can feel EMPTY on its own.

A much more powerful question to ask is, "WHO do you want to be when you grow up?" You see one is rooted in achievement, where as the other is rooted in FULFILLMENT!

But, needless to say, I did what most kids do… I focused on the “what”… I went to college, studied in business, majored in finance.

I thought I would give the entertainment route a try and found my way to Los Angeles through a random talent call over the radio. (**insert Giggle here**) Really though, that lead me to audition to get into a theater academy, where I was accepted. I studied theater, tried the whole actress thing, Singer thing, full blown artist thing… which led me to competing in the Miss California Pageant.

NOW THIS MOMENT IN MY LIFE WAS PIVOTAL… at the time it was struggling student/artist, calling my mom every month asking her to help me pay my rent, putting $3 on pump 5 and praying that I make it to my destinations… that time in my life was like a wild card to say the least… you never knew what you would get.  BUT, I’m such a huge believer in: EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!! Moving to LA, acting, singing, the pageant, the constant “looking for and being open to whats next” lead me to a person, who told me about this thing called entrepreneurship… SUCH A NEW CONCEPT to me at that time!  And thus, my first business, in nutrition and fitness!  My life was forever changed. 

Side note, if you’ve read this far, I just want to say thank you! I hope this is the beginning of our relationship and that you join the Disruptor family, EVEN IF you don’t get the course. I would love to connect with you!!  Just click here to enter your name and email so I can get to know you a little better too!

Like I said, I am here to serve, so for those who may not have the opportunity to work with me one on one, That is why I created this course.  I have had so many people ask me, “Why did you choose the word Disruptor… it sounds so aggressive and you seem so sweet...” Well, it is! And I am!  Until I’m not (haha)!

It had to be a word that could represent an instant shift rather than a gradual move! Something immediate, something with a sense of urgency!! When I think about how badly I needed to MAKE MORE MONEY, how limited I was in time and how hungry I was for change, I had to disrupt the life, the mindset, the bank account, the actions and the habits that were keeping me stuck where I was!! I needed something that could create an instant shift in my mindset. If you’re reading this, it’s because you can relate!!

Which brings me to you!  Through the free content, online training programs and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to make a difference. To help you build a life and business you truly love! Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or you’ve been in it for a while, our deepest wish for our Disruptor Family is that they can TAP IN to who they Truly are, void of all the labels, the noise, the naysayers, the challenges and BE!  That is our biggest opportunity! To, Just, BE.

Have you ever felt like there just weren’t enough hours in a day? Not enough money in the bank? Or you feel stuck? Then DISRUPT IT! That is exactly the reason we created the Disruptor Elite Group—for people who KNOW they want and DESERVE more but need direction, tools, strategy, support, motivation, and inspiration on HOW!!  Too many gurus tell you WHAT to do, but they don’t tell you HOW to DO IT.

I’ve learned not only how to succeed but to thrive in even the toughest of times!  Now inside of that: I am NO MORE SPECIAL than anyone else!! I’ve failed more times than I can count, but because of that, YOU don’t have to take the same downfalls I’ve taken! This can be a direct way for you to change your life starting with just one hour a day!  I believe we can have it all!

Welcome to the family; I am so honored to have you here (especially if you’ve read this far!!)! I am excited to witness your growth and experience your journey! It’s Time to Disrupt!


A friendly reminder, everything happens for a reason! All of those wrong turns… we needed them to appreciate and understand the right ones! To help us build endurance, resilience, persistence, and consistency!

Now, I’ve been building businesses for 10 years!! And in my fifth year, I was able to SEE a SERIOUS change in my finances, but I had already made massive changes in my life (mindset)!!   I knew I had to Lock in, lock down, but more importantly WHAT I needed to focus on!  That way, I could get to work, and grow my business, going on to build my very first business from a quarter of a million dollars a year to over a million dollars a year in just six months! It took WORK! And definitely more than an hour a day, but we all have to start somewhere!

Thank you for taking the time to visit, I am beyond excited to connect and I so look forward to our journey ahead!

With all my love and light,




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